True I.T Partnership Services

True I.T Partnership Services
  1. Monitored Anti-virus
  2. Computer Backups
  3. Network optimizations
  4. Free Virus Removal
  5. Agent for easy remote support and enhanced monitoring
  6. Twice a year, free computer tune-up at our shop.
  7. Same-day dispatch to your home or same-day repair at our office, depending on part availability.
  8. We offer Full network monitoring at no extra charge in order to help protect your network and optimize your network for the best possible speed.
  9. We will be your one-stop-shop for all your I.T. and computer needs. We will answer any of the I.T. questions you may have with any technology.
  10. We include automated maintenance solutions to help optimize your computers and devices to perform at peak performance at no extra charge.
  11. Automatically monitored fixes such as low drive space, failed services, etc.
  12. On-site Quarterly technology audits
  13. Automatic cleanup and scripting of files as required*
  14. Backup of critical files**(may require initial hardware purchase depending on environment)
  15. Managed Wi-Fi
    1. Traffic monitoring for troubleshooting
    2. Captive portal with company logo
    3. Remote support 24/7
    4. Usage reports*
  16. Asset and I.T. Environment documentation
  17. Cloud-hosted email
  18. Office 365 applications
  19. Enhanced email Spam protection
  20. Cloud-to-Cloud message level backup for email
  21. 15% off all hardware (also includes free data migration for hardware purchased from Iron Wolf Technology)
  22. Windows service level monitoring
  23. Managed Windows and third-party updates (adobe, flash, Java, etc.) 
  24. Mobile Device Management for Android and iPhone devices
  25. Help desk support (unlimited 15-minute support calls, 1 per incident)
  26. Project labor
    1. 30 min/seat/per month
    2. No cash value
    3. Accrues monthly, no cap.